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About the Funds

Focus on Retirement

Discover how the Funds work and how they can help you achieve your retirement investing goals.

Each Fund is an all-in-one investment solution which includes a diverse mix of investments in stocks and bonds, as well as a selection of securities specifically chosen to reduce the corrosive effect that inflation can have on defined contribution plan assets over time.

Asset Allocation Framework

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The Funds tie your age and risk level to a professionally managed portfolio -- one that automatically adjusts over time. The farther away retirement is, the more growth-oriented the investment mix will be. In Funds designed for investors younger than 40, stocks make up the majority of the asset mix followed by bonds and inflation-sensitive investments. At age 40, Fund allocations begin to shift away from growth-oriented investments into more income-oriented investments, such as bonds.

The Glidepath

At the heart of the Funds is the glidepath, which determines the change in asset mix over time, from a more aggressive allocation in the early years to a more conservative allocation as the expected target retirement date approaches.

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